How could the best advancements brought to Pakistan become reliable support for the country?



Presently the CIME consists of work of the major medical establishments. They are the: The Shiraz Boghani Building, the Ibn Sina Building, as well as the Mariyam Dawood Building. There are also other supports in the form of the accommodation for the hi-fi simulators, teaching spaces, plenty of specialist medical learning environments. This can also encompass with it the telemedicine clinics, perfect setup for the cardiac catheterisation lab as well as the support for the phantom-head dental lab.


How can the finest quality be brought?

The finest quality could be totally brought about with the use of the state-of-the-art amenities which can easily get boosted by the first-class communications technology. Such a setup could become a major approach in bringing the medical experts around the globe to actually participate in class discussions as well as favour the quality of education at AKUH in Pakistan.

The presence of the Mariyam Bashir Dawood Building

The Philanthropist Mariyam Dawood is regarded to be extremely humble as well as led the complete foundation for the medical building at CIME. This was major support right after her husband Bashir pledged funds as well as the unwavering support for the medical research.


There are almost all kinds of support take can be fetched by this medical college which can be enough to make it a top-notch one to provide the maximum medical support to the citizens as well as get the immense population well educated all of who are much interested in medical sciences.