Some reasons for the success of Vicidial predictive dialer software

As the name suggests the collection predictive dialer system is widely used by collection agencies and powerful all around the world since it is the intelligence path and to forecast those calls that are significant to the call center executive. Before the installation of the software collection agencies were fighting with obsolete and old calling technologies that was manual and people. This was ok as long as the amounts were within limits. Things have changed radically over the last few decades and loan customers’ amount has increased by bounds and leaps. The default percentages also have significantly gone up.

To handle the situation the hour is to get a robust and good collection mechanism that is driven by technology and is not labor intensive. However a call center executive may attempt it would be impossible for him or her to clock more than 60 calls each day. It is been found because there is not response from the client’s side that 20 to 30 percent of these calls become wasted. However by means of collection predictive¬†vici dial dialer system a call which may be made by an individual’s amount goes up by nearly 2-3 times and reach amounts of 200. Another feature that makes this software is are calls that are productive. This translates to a figure of about 140 to 150 calls each day. Compare this.

Going by the data that is above there is no reason this software should not be considered by collection agencies. Outside of the statistics ensures auto dial facility by selecting up amount from a database reports on unavailable or neglected calls and other information that is vital. As a collection call center executive or have been set in an answering machine are reassigned from the queue and the software picks up these numbers and begins dialing them. This would have been impossible in a circumstance that was manual. But for the utilization of software results availability of real time information is important. Training and educating the call center executives concerning the effective and correct use of the collection predictive dialer system is of utmost importance. With a bit of authority it can be concluded at the day’s end that this software has shown a direction and has made their work productive and meaningful.